GOTA 2010

Girl Guides liven up VE3JW

“WELCOME GOTA 2010” said the big screen at the VE3JW Amateur Radio station, permanent exhibit of the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in Ottawa.

Guides On The Air: 2010


On Saturday, Feb 20th, Beth, VA3CEW, fired up the group of Brownies and Guides we were hosting, to chant in unison the station’s callsign V – E – 3 – J – W!!


They put in so much energy into it that the call resonated over the crowded museum and drowned their public address system.


This opening call proved to be a good omen as it reverberated around the world and provided us with far reaching contacts, rarely available in later years.


Darin, VE3OIJ, was handling the HF console and propagation was on our side as we connected with stations in Portugal, England, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, and Bernie, VO1ABN, in Newfoundland. I tackled the VHF/UHF console and made contacts coast-to-coast within Canada via the IRLP system. The guides got information on the Olympic Games in BC via contacts in Salt Spring Island, Squamish and Garibaldi Highlands, and also about the heavy snow in NovaScotia through a contact in Halifax; Steve, VE1SBC.


The Girl Guides’ outing for GOTA was organized by Guide Leader Julie Sculland who thanked us for the fun event and showed amazement at the far reaching contacts we made for her group.


GOTA takes place every year on the third weekend of February and the VE3JW facilities have been available to the Guides through arrangements with the Museum’s Administration providing access on special event days.


You can open your station to GOTA by hosting Girl Guides during this special event, which runs for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Coordination is made with your local Guides Leader. A great way to introduce Girl Guides to the awesome world of Amateur Radio and help them to complete a radio contact to far away places. Pre-arranged contacts with other Guides groups during this special event is highly recommended and do provide much fun.

We thank Beth and Darin for participating in the event and also, Larry, VE3WEH, who provided a contact while mobile in Ottawa.


Till next year!


Maurice-Andre Vigneault, VE3VIG

Amateur Radio Exhibit Group VE3JW