TH7DX – 7 element beam

In 1973/74 Club members built tube type Heathkits (HW-101, PS, 600W Linear, Analizer). You can see these on the top shelf of #1 Console. (below) In 1984, the tube type equipment was replaced with solid state equipment. (TenTec OMNI, 1KW Linear, external VFO, PS and speaker) You can see these on the top shelf of the #3 Console.
In 1994, we acquired Integrated Circuit equipment (Kenwood TS-850Sat, PS, speaker, Ameritron 600W Linear) which can be seen now in operation in #3 Console.
In 2001, we acquired a state-of-the-art, surface mount technology, allmode-allband Transceiver, the Kenwood  TS-2000 now in use in #2 Console, and the Kenwood TM-D700A Dual Band with TNC now in use in #1 Console.

In 2009 we purchased a Flex 3000 Software Defined Radio as an addition for Console #3 and an Icom ID-880 dual-band D-Star radio as an addition for Console #1.

In 2010 we received a donation of a Kenwood TS-590 from Elkel Electronics and Kenwood.  The arrival of this radio allowed us to retire the Kenwood TS-850SAT.  In addition, the Canada Museum of Science and Technology provided an upgrade of our main display to a 55″ LCD. All three consoles are equipped with computers and 19″ LCD monitors.

Console 1 - VHF/UHF/APRS

Console 1 – VHF/UHF/APRS

Console #1 – VHF/UHF

  • Kenwood TM-D700A
  • Antenna – ANLI Dual band
  • 2 Yaesu FP-757GX Power Supplies
  • MFJ-1278 TNC
  • ICOM ID-880H D-Star
  • Diamond X50A Dual Band


Console 2 - Satellite / HF

Console 2 – Satellite / HF

Console #2 – Satellite

  • Kenwood TS-2000 All mode-All Bands
  • NLSA Nova Software
  • Antennas – M2 14el on V and 30el on U
  • Yaesu G5500 AZ/EL Rotor and Remote Control
  • Alpha-Delta 80-40m dipole
  • WestMountain Rigblaster Plus
  • DVD player for Amateur Radio Videos
  • Video Switching Unit


Console 3 - HF / Digital

Console 3 – HF / Digital

Console #3 – HF

  • Kenwood TS-590S
  • WestMountain RIGblaster Plus
  • Antenna – Hy-Gain TH7DX 7el Triband
  • Hy-Gain T2X AZ Rotor and Remote Control
  • FlexRadio Flex-3000 SDR
  • Kantronics KAM Plus TNC
  • MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer