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VE3JW – Amateur Radio Exhibit
Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club
P.O. Box 41145, Ottawa, ON
K1G 5K9

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Or you can give us a call at
613-991-6949 VE3JW Station (Manager)

Become a Member!

To join the Amateur Radio Exhibit Group as a regular volunteer:

1 –  Contact the VE3JW manager and arrange to meet at the station for an introduction to the equipment. You will receive an overview of all the systems in use.

2 – Make a choice of what you want to do at VE3JW,
a)  receive training on different modes and equipment;
b)  operate the radio equipment;
c)  demonstrate Amateur Radio to the public .
or any combination of the above.

3 – Apply for a Museum Volunteer card and commit to fill a time slot in the schedule.
i.e.: once a week, once a month…

4 – Qualify on VE3JW equipment, with assistance from the current crews.

With your volunteer card you can:
Visit three Museums in the Ottawa area (Science, Aviation, Agriculture) and shop at their boutiques with a 10% discount on all items.
Attend a special Volunteer Night once a year compliments of the Museum.
Come under the liability protection of the Museum while on the grounds.


If you prefer to visit occasionaly, without the privileges of the Volunteer card, then, only steps 1 and 2 apply. In this case, you will be accompanied by one of the regular crew who will be responsible for opening and closing the station and for its operation. You will not have to pay entrance fee to the Museum as the Museum has provided a pass for occasional operators who come in to the VE3JW station for any of its stated purposes. Note that you will not have the privilege to visit the Museum. Inasmuch as it is possible we will endeavour to accommodate any Licensed Radio Amateur who wish to enjoy the VE3JW facillities.